Whilst Medreich SA therefore serviced few customers and concentrated on essentially one part of the pharmaceutical value chain, Oethmaan Biosims now have an opportunity to create a complete pharmaceutical company involved in all aspects of the pharmaceutical value chain.

Medreich SA Model

Oethmaan Biosims Model


Oethmaan Biosims therefore have the opportunity to be a fully-fledged locally black owned pharmaceutical company with the potential to grow locally and internationally.

Since October 2016, Oethmaan Biosims reached a number of its milestones:

  1. 20 products (39 SKU’s) launched i.e. in market already, across 9 product categories with antibiotics being the largest.
  2. 15 products (29 SKU’s) awarded the State Tender.

It would be fair to say that whilst Oethmaan Biosims is the “New kid on the block”, we have enjoyed excellent growth in the Private Sector through partnerships with existing wholesalers and their Sales Teams (both PRO’s and Call Centre/Tele-marketing staff).

Our vision is to grow within the Private Sector space through partnerships with private hospitals, wholesalers and companies with Contract Sales Teams, and nurturing these relationships to maximize opportunity for sales and growth. We want to utilize innovative means of reaching healthcare professionals, the digital marketing space etc. Our partnership with EMGuidance, a free mobile app for Healthcare Professionals that provides a medicines and treatment platform that has become the most comprehensive digital source of locally relevant medicines information & clinical guidelines in South Africa, bears testimony to this statement.