Change is good


Now Muhammad Bodhania is leading the change once again, with his new company, Oethmaan Biosims. “Generic medicines make medicines more accessible,” he says, “and that is the core of our business, making people healthy and providing medicines to make the Hippocratic Oath a reality.”


“Whilst NHI may be changing the healthcare landscape like we’ve probably never seen in this country, we’re doing our small bit to encourage this change with the introduction of new generics that will definitely increase competition and make medicines more affordable and accessible.

In the last few months, we have introduced 4 new products and many new line items:

  1. Sulpiride

    Effectively launched by using the infrastructure of an established company that thrives in the space of making unique molecules available when tried and tested treatments start getting neglected.

  1. Citalopram

    Launched at a time when the country faced a severe shortage of common antidepressants. We like to think our small contribution helped many access the medication they so sorely needed.

  1. Metoclopramide has gone a long way to supplement our offering to doctors and pharmacists already using our established brands of Sensahist and Cogesic.

  1. AlendronateAlendronate is our newest launch, presented in state of the artwork packaging to ensure compliance to a weekly drug regimen. The Company has already received acclaim for its futuristic packaging.”

“When medicines are more affordable, governments can afford to fund other equally urgent aspects of healthcare,” Bodhania says. “And that can only be good for the country, the people and the economy. So, it’s gonna be okay.”