The world needs people of courage to stand up and make a difference.

The Oethmaan Story

Sharing gifts are essential for success. The more we share from our hearts the more we touch people’s hearts and the more we want to share. Long gone are the days that we demanded payment before we give, the more we share the richer we are.
The world now needs gifts. The power of giving gifts has been forgotten by the world. Everything has become a monetary exchange. In many cases when gifts are given the underlying message is “ here is something free now buy my stuff”.
Gifts are precious and when given with devotion and determination the impact on the world can be great. Gifting is an expression of commitment and enablement of love. Gifts need to be real and when given people should be able to celebrate with fervour and gratefulness.
Water is a basic human need and without it, we cannot survive. It is the most precious gift mankind can receive. Water is scarce but scarcity can mean the scarcity due to physical shortage or availability of infrastructure. There is enough water in the world for everybody, but we have to tackle the problems brought on by water stress.

Water is life. It sustains, nurtures and enables our very existence.

Oethmaan is about life and health.
Our consciousness reminds us of the more than 1 billion people worldwide who do not have access to the gift of water. We want to serve mankind with purpose and value. It’s our obligation to provide access to the gift of water. Access to quality medicines like access to water is fragmented and unequal. The world has a crisis of affordability and sustainability. The number of unmet medical needs is growing every day. Many people are suffering from diseases that could be easily managed and cured.

The philosophy that underpins our existence, demands that we use the success of our business to improve mankind.

A “Well” is an amazing artery to life. By drilling or digging through the earth, the gift of water is found and provided. Water that can feed, nourish and sustain life. Ancient civilizations used to rely on a system of wells to provide water and irrigation. These old watering systems sustained and kept alive the cities and villages.
We are water well diggers! Water wells can provide people in communities, villages, and towns with the wonderful gift of water. Even though the problem of water scarcity may seem insurmountable, we believe in helping people one “well” at a time. We are consistently reminded of a world that is full of empty promises that have no or little impact on mankind. Promises that are never or only sometimes met can be disastrous. Short-term delivery might mean something, but it is more telling in its absence.

Our long-term commitment to sustain the promise of water through healthcare is compelling and impactful.

Oethmaan – It’s gonna be okay, one well at a time