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Oethmaan Biosims – Providing Affordable and Accessible Medicines in South Africa

Oethmaan Biosims is one of the newest pharmaceutical companies to emerge on the SA landscape.



Oethmaan Biosims (Pty) Ltd. is one of the newest pharmaceutical companies to emerge on the South African pharmaceutical landscape. It is a fully black-owned pharmaceutical company to cover the entire value chain of providing affordable and accessible medicines to the broader South African public.

Oethmaan Biosims (Pty) Ltd. emerged from Medreich SA (Pty) Ltd. Medreich SA was established as a pharmaceutical company in 2003, with customers including Adcock Ingram, Sandoz, Clicks and Dis-chem. Under the new 100% South African ownership, in October 2016, the company’s name was changed to Oethmaan Biosims.

  1. Oethmaan Biosims achievements in this short space of time include:
    The National Department of Health tender was awarded to Oethmaan Biosims to supply Flucloxacillin nationally for the period covering October 2017 to September 2019.
    Over 2.5 million packs of medicine have been supplied to date, national to provincial medical depots and directly to every hospital and clinic in the country. The effectively means that over 2.5 millions lives have been touched by the Oethmaan Biosims product.
    Supplier evaluation reports show excellent service in terms of supply by the NDoH, and provincial depots, for example, the PE Pharmaceutical Depot for the period covering 01 March 2018 to 28 February 2019, revealed that 100% of all orders were fulfilled within an average lead time of 2.77 weeks.
  2. Oethmaan Biosims acquired 163 product dossiers in June 2017 from JSE listed pharmaceutical company, Ascendis Healthcare, giving the company the critical mass to offer a full basket of products to all stakeholders in the healthcare environment.
  3. 9 products have been successfully marketed in the private sector with direct distribution to wholesalers, dispensing doctors and pharmacies, including corporate chain companies. The launch of a further 10 products are planned in the next 6 months and commercialisation of at least 100 products is planned over the next 2 years.

At Oethmaan Biosims, it is the belief that medicine availability and affordability benefits mankind. “It is accepted worldwide that generic medicines make medicines more accessible and affordable by reducing costs without negatively affecting health outcomes”, says Muhammad Bodhania, Managing Director at Oethmaan Biosims.

The company is also focused on biosimilar medicines and the pressure on emerging economies to address the increasing costs of treating cancer and other chronic diseases.

The company hopes at some point to generate sufficient funds to reinvest in their business in new technologies and treatments like Biosimilars, but also contribute more broadly for the benefit of the greater society.

Current and future Oethmaan Biosims brands include Sensahist (Cetirizine), Cogesic (Paracetamol 800mg/Codeine Phosphate 5mg), Medreich Flucloxacillin, the PhytoNova range (Cystemme, Sutherlandia Gel and Tablets, Warburgia, African Ginger), Metoclopramide, Citalopram, Sulpiride and numerous others.

For the full list of Oethmaan Biosims products available, please refer to the product tab.

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